Monday, July 31, 2006

New Work

For several months now I have been pursuing ideas for a new series of art pieces. These are part adventure, part experiment for me, but I think I am liking the process and the pieces. So, I thought I'd share an image and some thoughts with all of you mysterious blogger people out there...

As a new spiritual practice for myself, earlier this year I began reading through the gospel of John in the New Testament a chapter at a time, and sketching/collaging an image in response to what I read. After a couple months (I'm not the most disciplined guy around when it comes to bible-reading), I had read through the whole book and had an accompanying image for each chapter -- 21 in all.

During the last few weeks I have begun creating a series of mixed media compositions derived from what I thought were my most compelling sketches. These are small scale works -- 7" by 14". The image posted here is an example of one of the completed compositions.
These have been fun and inspiring pieces for me to create. The stretch me technically and conceptually. The biggest challenge for me is to create images that come directly from my personal encounter with the text and at the same time create a visual language accessible to other viewers.

Anyhow, I welcome your feedback about the image or the concept. It's new territory, so I welcome ideas about how to continue...


Blogger yellowdog17 said...

I want to see more of them! And bigger! This is cool stuff, Chad.

04 August, 2006  
Blogger bj woodworth said...

I agree with yellowdog17. You inspire me by the mere attempt at doing these pieces. As always gald to be connected with you!

09 August, 2006  

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