Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More than a mentor, more than a buddy -- she's my wife!

Y'all look to the right, scroll down to my list of "artist mentors and buddies" and click on Jess King's link. Yup, that's right. My wife, along with so many other wonderful things, also now sells yarn online. It's handspun, one-of-a-kind stuff that is absolutely beautiful. Check it out...


Anonymous John W. Morehead said...

Chad, it is a pleasure to find you. I came across your name through an article you did for Worship magazine on Carnival and theology. I am writing a masters thesis for seminary on Burning Man Festival which touches on a theology of festivity and carnival, and would love to incorporate your article's insights, but I can't track down a copy. Can you make one available to me, or let me know where I can find one? Thanks!

20 December, 2006  

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