Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily Routine

For now, at least. Seems like I and my household never have routines that stick for very long. But for this week, at least, I have a lovely, quintessential sabbatical routine:

Spend the morning in the studio making as many pots as I can -- today it's plates and serving bowls.
Stop at the Garden of the Five Senses in Lancaster County Central park to meditate and reflect for a while.
Hop over to the county pool and meet Jess and the girls, where Esmé has just finished swim lessons, and swim a bit.
Then back home to be with the girls while Jess goes to work for the afternoon.
Close the day out with garden and farm-stand-fresh goodies and a glass of home brew.

Next week I'm out of town all week, so the routine will change yet again. But I'm so grateful for what I have at this moment. If nothing else sticks, this at least is a generous gift of a sabbatical learning -- gratitude for what I have today.


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