Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Pots

One of the highlights of the month so far was taking Jess to see the Capucci fashion exhibit at the Philly Art Museum a couple weeks ago. His work is amazing and the exhibit was very artfully done.

After seeing the show, I found myself thinking of vases being containers the way dresses are "containers." The show is almost exclusively dresses -- I guess the dress is the quintessential piece for a fashion designer. And the more recent pieces Capucci simply calls "sculptures," even though they are still based on dress forms.

This all got me thinking about pots. Vases are one of the quintessential pottery forms. And many potters tinker with vase forms, altering them to the point of being more sculpture than functional object.

So the last couple weeks I have been playing with some Capucci-inspired vases. They are not meant to copy his forms -- and obviously clay is quite different to work with from fabric -- but they hopefully catch hold of some of his playful, inventive forms.

They are still in process. But here's a sneak peek of a few of them.

And some mugs too.


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