Saturday, July 05, 2008

With Some Trepidation

And with any luck, I am reinvigorating this blog.

It has been over a year since I posted. You can guess at the reasons. I moved to Lancaster from Pittsburgh. I started a new, big (for me) job as a pastor. Which includes all sorts of shifts in my self-identity. While I have no trouble telling folks face to face that I am a pastor, it feels quite strange to me to suddenly be one of those post-modern, artsy Christian types with the blog to prove it.

But the truth is, I still think about and care about mostly the same things. I still think of myself as an artist (though I don't get in the studio much). And I still think of myself as a writer (which I actually do a lot of, just not much for publication). And I still like the idea of communicating with any of you out there who may give a rip what I'm up to (though some part of me still wonders what's up with my generation all thinking that everyone wants to read what used to be the stuff of private journals and letters).

So, I'm gonna give this a try again. My posts will likely have less to do with things like upcoming art exhibits, since I haven't been making a whole lot of art these days. Though I hope it's still a place for me to think about art with you all.

It may mean this space ends up with a more spiritual tone, since I'm now a pastor. But that's not necessarily my intent.

We'll see where it goes...

Knowing me, maybe this'll just be my last post for another year...


Blogger Andrea said...

keep blogging!

and: have you totally given up on the etsy site? your etsy store is empty. anything on your kiln shelves these days?

13 July, 2008  

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