Monday, July 07, 2008

The Train

Sometimes I bemoan having moved yet closer to the east coast. Usually I make these complaints during rush hour traffic, which seems to be much busier and more dangerous than in any other place I've lived. Though this could be my prejudice playing with my rational sensibilities too.

Nonetheless, the same crowding that makes for hectic driving also makes for good train travel. There are actually enough people around here and things are close enough together to make it viable.

So, today I was riding the train, as I do once a month, to a meeting in a Philly suburb. The train car was packed completely full on the trip home! I have never seen that before on a train in the US, and I frankly took delight in it. The guy next to me said he had actually been bumped from that route three times in recent weeks because it was already full. Imagine that. I'll actually have to start reserving tickets ahead of time to make sure I get a seat.

I think I'll take high gas prices for the moment if it means more people use commuter trains and Amtrak again becomes a viable way to get around the country.

What a treat.


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